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Why Choose Piano NOLA for your Piano Journey?

We love Teaching!

We have over ten years of teaching experience and over thirty years of experience as a pianist and vocalist. We don't teach because we can't do; we teach because we can and love to spread the joy of music.

We Tailor Our approach to your needs

We pay particular attention to the learning styles and motivations of each individual student and will spend time making sure to develop materials to target that particular student's strengths and weaknesses for faster growth.

We are available in-Person or online.

You can learn from us anywhere; no travel required. We have extensive experience teaching both virtually and in-person. For in-person students, we enable you to learn on an elite instrument - a Steinway Grand piano.

Piano NOLA,
Virtual and in-Person Piano lessons For any Age!

With over ten years of teaching and over 30 years of performing experience, Piano NOLA is here to help you learn a new skill or hone your existing ones. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor each lesson to the learning styles of each individual student and fostering the love of music for everyone. We genuinely love teaching and care about our students. We will spend outside time making individualized materials to target the edge of an individual students abilities and to help them to reach their goals.  o much that we  and in trying to create well-rounded musicians. 


Private lessons include focus on repertoire, technique, ear training, sight reading, musicianship, music history, improvisation, music theory, and composition. Most of all, we hope do bring out each student’s love of music and inner song.